Bylectrica is a Belarussian brand represented by UE “Svetopribor” OO “BelTIZ”. BeltTIZ is a manufacturer of very reliable and durable electric appliances. Bylectrica offers a wide range of switches, sockets, plugs, electrical assemblies, doorbells, LED lights and more. This brand have products that meet European and other quality standards.

Bylectrica comes in series with different styles: Master, Style, Harmony, Harmony Lux, Praleska, Praleska Aqua, Variant, Polistirol and Ujut, as well as installation boxes, cable channels, splitters, cable switches and plugs. 


The sockets are divided into either flush mounted or surface mounted sockets. Moreover, the sockets can come with a child protection function or waterproof. For different use, the sockets can have several seats depending of how many electrical units are planned to use at once.

Light switches

Bylectrica offers waterproof switches for rooms with increased humidity; switches with light indicator, as well as switches with several keys. Multi-key switches can be used for zoning lighting areas.

See full product catalogue: BYLECTRICA.